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© Kevin G. Clayton
© Kevin G. Clayton

Enjoying the Sunset

Enjoying a glass of Sparkling Rose

at Shelburne Farms


Michel DAprix, Vale Vittori
at a very Special Wine Event
Two of my favorite winemakers!

Chiara, Kevin and Guiseppe
Chiara, Kevin and Guiseppe

Wine Tastings are the best way to learn!

Guiseppe Mazzocolin,owner of Fattoria di Felsina,
Winery of the Year for Italy, Gambero Rosso,
was here November 1st and we were honored
that we were the only wine shop he visited in America!
His wines were exceptional, elegant, delicious examples of the Sangiovese grape.
He paid us the highest compliment, he said " I feel like I'm at home".

Twice a month we do wine tastings in our shop.
We feature 6 wines, a mix of white and red
These tastings are free on a first come first serve basis.
Eight people at a time can try the wines,
and you must be at least 21 years old to participate.
The hours for the tasting are from 1PM to 5PM
Please come and enjoy.
Sign up on our e-mail list (on the table by the exit)
for bi-monthly e-mails about our tastings and current wine offerings.
Call for more info. 985-8922

Daniel Brunier May 13th, 2009
Daniel Brunier May 13th, 2009

French Wine Legend in Shelburne

Daniel Brunier of the legendary Vieux Telegraphe and Domaine La Roquette was here at our shop following a trade tasting. His wines were simply amazing.
What a Treat!

All wines selected by
All wines selected by

The Wine Selection

Our goal is to make wine accessible to everyone. Whether you collect and age fine wines or you are looking for that perfect affordable wine to share with your friends over dinner, we have something for everyone.

Wine doesn't have to be a mystery. You can taste the difference and can be enjoying great wines, no matter what your budget is. That is where we make the difference. We select all the wines in our shop based on the criteria that you should get the best wine possible for what you are spending, whether it's $7 or $100.

Our interests in small, family owned wineries is evident in our selections on hand. The distributors and Importers we work with have the finest portfolios in the business. We love wine!

For Inquries on specific wines please call us at (802)-985-8922 or e-mail Kevin.
We have over 5000 wines available to us through special order.
We offer case lot discounts.


Affordable Wine Cellar, South Hero, Vermont


Creative, Affordable Wine Cellars

Have a great selection of affordable wines in your own home! We can help you start, organize, maintain and expand your own wine cellar. With case lot discounts, access to great wine values, we can put together a great everyday drinking wine cellar. Here's an example of A cellar in South Hero. 63 different wines, 3 bottles of each and all affordable. Choosing the correct wine for dinner has never been easier!